Best Gift Ever & Digiscrapping

Yay for catching up on photos! I digiscrapped these two November pages while JB & I watched "With Honors" on Encore last night. (That was one of my FAVE movies when it came out! Whoa, memory lane...) More on-the-ball photo props for myself: I got the annual photo calendar we've been giving my Grandmommy for Christmas designed & ordered. The first year we gave her one, it was kind of an afterthought beside her big gift: a digital picture frame. Grandmommy is in her late 90's, and she just doesn't get the digital picture frame at all, but the calendar?!?! It's her favorite thing in the world. :-)

My November pages:

Brookfield Zoo November 7th and a regular trip to Joy Yee Noodles for Pad Thai & a *giant* mango smoothie with bubbles! Mmmm...

The Healing Field of Honor in Naperville on Veterans' Day among the 2009 flags that were placed on a hill downtown - breath-taking!!!

I thought I was going to have a kind of down day today, with everyone posting & talking about either traveling home or prepping tons of food for family get-togethers tomorrow; but JB gave me the best gift I've gotten in ages. The kids didn't have school today, so he set them up with a movie before he left for work, so they'd be quietly occupied and let me sleep in. I slept until after 9!!! It. Was. Amazing. I haven't slept until after 9 in YEARS. Literally years. Because even on weekends & vacays, they still wake me up when they get up, and I never get back to sleep. The only way I could ever sleep in is if someone caught them & herded them *quietly* (b/c I hear them playing downstairs, too) away from me before they come in our room - and he did it!!! Best gift EVER, and I am so thankful!