Black Friday Success

I said before that I don't Black Friday shop, but last night I started to feel a little paranoid, a little out of the loop, like my super-thrify-self was potentially missing something I might need. Everyone was posting on FB that they were getting up (or staying up) to shop at midnight, 2 AM, etc. I had to ask: WHAT are you people buying and FOR WHOM???

The happy part? I don't need/want to buy a single thing they listed. I know the day will come when Will & Sis will beg for the big tickets, too, but for now? It was a nice realization. I usually always have a long wish list at Christmas, not only for myself, but also for the kids. This is the first year in I-don't-know-how-long where I am having a hard time making multiple lists for me & the kids, (b/c you know I will only put stuff on there I really want & would go buy myself if we don't get it.)

We are so immeasureably blessed, and I am so thankful that I didn't need anything that could only be had at 3 AM. :-P

Don't get me wrong - I don't mean any of this in a holier-than-thou, judgemental way!!! I would totally get up to shop in the middle of the night, esp. if I had someone fun to go with and super esp. if I needed any of the stuff on sale!!! I actually think it would be fun! But I'm just saying I'm lucky & thankful to not need any of that this year.

There was but one Black Friday sale item that caught my attention. Can't say what it is here, but it's usually well over $100, and I saw it for $59 and $69 two different places. I wasn't going to go out of my way, but if it happened, then cool.

JB had to work today (so sad! so wrong!) but he set the kids up with another movie, and I slept in, again! After sleeping in, I took my time getting the kids & myself dressed. About noon, we drove out to location #1. They were sold out, but we got birthday gifts for a party next week - surprise productivity! The kids were hungry and they agreed to bubble tea, so that's were we happily headed. In the car, Will said, totally out of nowhere: "If Santa doesn't bring any presents, it's OK, b/c we can just play with the toys we already have."

My heart leapt!

On the way, I realized deal location #2 of said item was right in our path. We popped out for literally a minute and a half - they had it, I bought it, and we went on to lunch. Easy as pie.

Now b/t Will's comment & our on-the-way quick stop, THAT is my definition of Black Friday success!

At lunch, Will (under the obvious influence of Despereaux twice this week) announced: "I am a gentleman," (as he shoved pad Thai into his mouth with his hands.) Haha!


  1. hey! this was the first year i have every gotten up before dawn and headed out to the sales. my sis-in-law wanted to go and me and ruth said we'd go with her. we were at target by 5am! we hit 17 shops in 8 hours and were able to get all of my shopping done for clay, my nieces/nephews, and my family done! i found a thomas sale buy 1, get 1 free, so i paid $50 for a wooden rail-way set and got a $50 set for free! this will cover my nephews b-day (which is in 2 weeks) and christmas! i was thrilled with this success! i was so happy with our sale finds, but i went for the fellowship and the girl time. we had a blast! i wouldn't go by myself, ever! so glad you had a successful black friday, too!

  2. See, that's how I would want to do it, too: with good friends! I think it would be fun!!! What an AWESOME Thomas deal!!!!

    I'm one of those weirdos who started picking up things here & there back in June, so I really don't have much shopping left. I need something for my mom & sister-in-law, but that's it.

  3. I didn't need anything this year, but my Mum and I went shopping as tradition and it was a blast! We knocked out a ton of our Christmas shopping before 9am and saved us a ton of money! I don't pick stuff up till Nov. so this is my one day where I try to get as much done as possible! And as much I don't like shopping any other time of the year, I LOVE Black Friday shopping!


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