Healing Field

Today we got to experience an amazing sight. On the hill here in downtown Naperville across from the riverwalk, 2009 full-size flags have been erected for the week to honor our nation's veterans. Breath-taking. Stunning. Moving. I got a little weepy as we got out of the car beside the hill and explained to the kids exactly why we were there and what it meant. They know veterans are men and women who have been in the military and that some of them have died while fighting for our country. They know Grandaddy was in the Army, my dad was in the Navy, and that Uncle Andy was in the Navy. (The only thing they don't fully understand is *what* "the military" is exactly...but I think I'm OK with that for now, as long as they get that we're honoring people who serve & help us.)

The pictures say more than I can write...

Wishing everyone a blessed Veterans' Day and sincerely thanking everyone who has served!

In continuation of smaller thanks, I am so thankful for the sunny day, that we got to spend time with some friends, that I found *the cutest* head wrap/ear muff thing that looks like a hat but won't mess up my hair or Sissy's hairbows at an adorable children's shop downtown, that we got to walk along the riverwalk, that b/c we randomly popped into the library initially to use the little boy's room that the kids got to play a guessing game at the circulation counter and won free ice creams at Cold Stone and free movie tickets, that we walked to Cold Stone and enjoyed those free ice creams, and that I got to get more honey plantain strips at Trader Joe's! :-)