Joyce: "What Are You Full Of?"

I am a HUGE Joyce Meyer fan. She has changed my life in the last almost-9 years I've watched her show. She is so genuine, honest, and totally not holier-than-thou. She talks a lot about learning to enjoy everyday life, choosing to be positive, getting over yourself, and loving others. Her message today was fantastic. I kept replaying it over & over on TiVo while I did other things, just wanting more & more of it to sink in.

Check it out here, if you're interested: 11/24/2009 What Are You Full Of? "When a water balloon pops, what comes out? It’s true that whatever you fill yourself with will eventually come out, especially when you’re about to pop. So what are you full of?"

One of her big prayer points that I wanted to remember:
We shouldn't be praying for God to deliver us from our problems. Pray to fall more deeply in love with God, so much so that whatever mess we're going through doesn't bother us. And thank God that we KNOW He'll move the mess out of the way as soon as He's done using it to shape us. When we get to the point where we aren't focused on getting our blessings and we're just happy in Him, we will be able to receive more blessings than we could have imagined, b/c God will be the focus - not just us getting what we want.


  1. that's one of the reasons i've tried to stop listening to secular music - because i was "filling" my mind with the angst, jealousy, lust, and rage that seem to come through the music. instead, i listen to praise/worship music, instrumental, hymns, or sermons. i want to fill up with things of the Spirit so when my balloon pops, its not all completely icky that comes out.

  2. And my balloon pops FREQUENTLY!!! So I want better & better stuff to come out...

  3. I love Joyce of her books helped me through was amazing how it spoke directly to me and my situation!


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