NaNoWriMo & Celebrating

I've seen some of my friends participate in NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) over the past few years, and instead of writing novels, they simply endeavor to blog every single day of the month. Now that I'm "in the club", I think I can probably get on the bandwagon. So here goes November!

Halloween weekend was fab. We actually went trick-or-treating *twice* - once at 12:30 (yes, in the afternoon!) with our BFFs here and then, again, with the neighborhood at 4:30. I'd never heard of daytime trick-or-treating before, (everywhere I've ever lived has been 6-8 PM) but apparently it's the norm here, even on weekday Halloweens. I have to say, I'm a fan - it's warmer, the photo ops are better & clearer, and then you get the kids to bed on time & have the whole night to relax. :-) I wore giant, glittery butterfly wings as we walked the neighborhood and scored a few pieces, myself; so now each time one of the kids sees an empty wrapper, I tell them it's one of the pieces *I* got. I wonder if the jig will be up by my 30th wrapper...

Today we went to a fantastic birthday party for one of Annelise's friends from tap. It was their whole, GIANT, all-local family, us, and one other tap friend. Certainly over 50 people. The food was AMAZING, (they smoked pulled pork; it was the best I have EVER tasted north of the Mason-Dixon!!! And now I want a smoker...) and they were just so much fun. It was bittersweet, though: I am so jealous (in a still-happy-for-them kind of way ;-)) that their whole family is all right around here, that they are a HUGE clan, that they laugh, relax, & drink merrily together. It made me think of the Ya-Ya clan parties, esp. at the end of the last book I just finished. (Yes! I finished it! Gold star for me!) I long for huge family/friend get-togethers, where everyone is local, and it doesn't involve any 12-hour travels. 4 or less would be perfect...


  1. i have a dear friend of mine who used to live here and she was away from family. she always loved being invited to other family events of her friends that lived here. we adopted her into our family...but sadly enough, she moved from us too!

    Glad to hear you have such close friends when family is so far away!

  2. yay! you'll enjoy the small snippets (less pressure!) of blogging daily. and then you'll enjoy even more reading back on those daily entries in the cold of winter. :)


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