Smart Christmas Shopping & BFF Prayer

What's on my mind today doesn't play into the blogosphere, b/c it's a personal matter with a BFF...but it's been on my mind nonstop ever since I was on the phone with her while shopping at Trader Joe's today. (I get no reception at home, so my rare phone calls happen out & about.) I hardly even remember what I bought... I went up & down the same aisles 10 times. (Thank goodness it was super crowded with Thanksgiving-prepping shoppers who didn't notice. :-P) I have an unspoken prayer request for my BFF: praying for clarity, support, & God's will for her.

And on a constructive note, my friend Phyllis pointed me to this awesome story on smart Christmas shopping without buying too much useless crap. I have to say, I'm proud that we do all of these except #4. I do love the idea of #4, but it wouldn't fly with our extended family. :-)


  1. Hi! Thanks for linking back to me. I REALLY appreciate it. I'm going to spend some time here looking around. Nice to meet you!

  2. Awww, cool! Thanks for the wonderful post, and welcome!!!


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