Southern Ladies & Service Saturday

I began this morning doing my 3 Junior League volunteer requirement hours outside of my main project. I'm on the Cinderella's Closet committee, so I chose to do my 3 extra community hours with Story Wizards, doing storytelling & crafts at Barnes & Noble downtown to pump up our book drive, where B&N gave us a percentage of their sales today back in books that we will give to area Head Starts and Title 1 schools. This is my 6th year in Junior League, but only my 4th active year, b/c of the break I took in MI. I wasn't sure if I wanted to reactivate when we moved here, just b/c I already felt connected so quickly through church & dance and really didn't feel like I needed another venue in which to meet more people; but every time I go to a JL meeting or event, I am so glad I officially transferred!

Do all groups of people naturally flock to their own kind, or just Southern social butterflies? This morning at B&N, I met two other ladies in the League from Atlanta, one from Jackson, Mississippi, two from Houston, and one from Kershaw, SC! We are all here b/c our husbands have been transferred, and by the time our 3-hour shifts were up, our accents were as thick as if we had just spent 3 weeks at home with our mamas! I kept asking, "How many more of us are there?!" But apparently we're really it; we just all happened to end up working the same event. I was excited that they were just as happy to meet me as I was them! None of them are on my Cinderella's Closet committee, but I hope I see them at the December holiday GMM.

This afternoon, I put together all of the rest of my MOPS group's Operation Christmas Child boxes. It actually was harder to divide up all of the items evenly (so each child got each item, instead of 1 getting 7 toothbrushes, another getting 4 slinkys, etc.) than I thought! But it really did work out better for me to just do it. I was going to tell anyone in MOPS who wanted to help to come over later this week, but when I took the items out of my trunk today, I thought why not just save everyone the extra bother? Even when my family tried to help, it was just the "too many cooks" scenario, so I'm glad I went ahead. We ended up with 10 boxes, 8 of which are HUGE! They are technically still standard shoebox size, but because the boxes the post office donated open on short side instead of having a lid, you can stuff literally TWICE the number of items in there, b/c the lid won't pop off! I am so excited for the kids who get those boxes! :-) And I am so proud of our MOPS group - we (more than) doubled what we initially intended.