I am still in pain. Whatever this pinched nerve in my neck business is, it SUCKS. I am praying for sleep tonight. Laying down hurts the most and turning is a nightmare. I'm still holding out hope, though, that it will fade on its own in the next few days...

I've used Icy-Hot now for the first time in my life, and it is divine.

I am so thankful for my fabulous husband, who is helping me out SO MUCH! He fed the kids this morning, so I could get up & ready slower, and he did the dinner dishes, too! I'm so glad he's not out-of-town this week!!!

We just watched Bride Wars on HBO. It made me miss Wendy even more than I already do!

The kids' favorite song right now? The Vince Guaraldi Trio's "Linus And Lucy" - you know, the Snoopy song. It's on one of my Christmas CDs (that I put in the van to tide me over until my old school one I ordered arrives later this week) and they go NUTS for it! We had to listen to it on repeat while they danced SEVEN times today. Good thing it makes me happy, too. :-)

This was the prayer at the bottom of my MOPS Mom-E-Mail today, and I LOOOOVE it:
"Dear God, help me teach my child that peace and contentment are not just found in the quiet moments of the day." How awesome is that? We can feel peace and contentment in the middle of the crazies, too.

I am ridiculously excited for the mini-series "WWII in HD" this week on the History Channel. I am a WWII history fanatic. Completely obsessed. I just have to figure out when to watch it now, since it's not exactly preschool-friendly viewing, and there are 2 new hours of it on our DVR each day.

I am in a shockingly good mood, considering how much my neck hurts. I think it's my awesome husband... :-)


  1. We have two radio stations locally that started playing Christmas music this week...non-stop! It's awesome. Hope your neck is better soon. You may want to look into a massage. Sometimes, that can help.

  2. oh, i do hope your neck relaxes a bit. icy hot is genius! i love it too! i'll be praying for healing!!! i'd agree with phyllis - this is a true reason to get a massage (if you really need a true reason) :-)

  3. I have heard about that show from a couple people now. I should try to set the dvr to record it. I am sure it is something that Justin would like to watch. Nothing says date night tv like war.

  4. Yay sweetie!! I'm so happy for you to have your hubby helping, what a relief. i LOVED the prayer you included. Thanks for posting!

  5. Thank goodness for a hands on hubby you have who is so willing to help out with the kids and with you. Isn't it like God to have him not travel this week so he is home to help out! Couldn't have been better timing eventhough you are in pain.

    Love that quote you posted! I need to maybe tatoo that on my arm!

  6. I think your prayers have really been heard & answered! I'm not "all better" but I can turn my head side to side w/o turning my torso, and I actually just showered & washed my hair - that would have been unimaginable this morning, as just brushing it when I got up made me cry. I still have some pain, but DEFINITE healing going on!!! PRAISE GOD!!!!!

    But I'm still getting a massage as soon as I can, too! ;-)

    I wish JB were home tonight, but who am I kidding asking for two nights in a row? :-/

    At least I have "WWII in HD" - loving it!!!

    And I can't WAIT to listen to our Christmas music station, if Will & Sis will ever let me turn off the freakin' Snoopy song!!! :-P

  7. it is always good to speak so highly of your husband. it's so awesome to hear! and i'm so glad he's around to help you out. thank the LORD this didn't happen in MI! (although i'm sure you'd have many a friend over helping you out. :) )


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