I watched a charming movie today: "Vitus"  I got it, b/c it's in German (although I didn't think about it being Swiss, so the dialect made me rely almost completely on the subtitles) and I wondered when I could watch it, (what, with "WWII in HD" and my regular shows this week, I am swamped! :-P Good thing I have this neck excuse to sit around! ;-)) I was surprised to see that it was rated PG, (as anyone fond of European films can attest, it's a rare one that can meet American PG standards!) and the theme - a boy who plays piano - sounded harmless enough; so I thought I'd give it a try this afternoon after errands while the kids played. Will was fascinated by the whole thing. I wondered if he'd ask me to explain every line or scene, but he gleaned what he wanted to, and I got to enjoy my film! It was wonderful - very smart, and feel-good without being über-sappy.

At the complete opposite end of the spectrum, our next Netflix is "Brüno". No, I'm not all about the raunchy explicit stuff, but Sacha Baron Cohen is a genius, and for whatever reason, I can look past the graphic grossness to see the hilarity he brings out in the reactions he gets and especially the way he can draw out people's true colors.

BTW: yes, neck-gate continues. I *did* actually sleep last night, but the deal is, it hurts SO BAD when I wake up. By the afternoon, it loosens up enough for me to turn my head & all that jazz with just minor ache/strain. We're convinced it's a pulled muscle that just has to heal. :-( (Random memory: I did this same thing exactly 9 years go; I was working at a law firm, and I remember I had to have JB wash my hair, so I could look presentable. Awww! :-P) Regardless, I booked the first open massage appointment that I could do kid-free with my friend's massage therapist; it's still 2 weeks away on Dec. 2nd.


  1. Soooo disappointed in Brüno. It was just too gross. The only shockingly funny scenes were when he interviewed moms trying to get their kids in a photo shoot & when he took the baby to the talk show. The stars in the video at the end were cool, but that was 5 minutes out of 85. Bah. Bleck.


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