What Do You Eat?

It's been said that most people eat the same things over & over. My initial reaction to that is, "But I'm a foodie! And I love trying new things!" ...But yeah - I still find myself eating the same things over & over. I get on kicks of wanting this or that all the time, until I get sick of it. We live in a vibrant area with hundreds & hundreds of restaurants...but we still usually end up at one of the same 5. I have 5,000 cookbooks, I get Southern Living every month, we watch The Food Network constantly, and I still usually make the same few recipes at home.

We are in a bit of a different situation from most families, as JB is almost never home for dinner with us during the week, so I never make "real meals." Why should I? When the kids are begging for oatmeal or pasta & veggies for dinner, (which they do very often,) why am I going to make more work for myself by putting together a main dish with sides for me to eat alone? (Esp. when JB does NOT do leftovers. EVER.) This obviously isn't an ideal situation that I would ever choose, but I do think it also plays into the "constantly eating the same stuff" scenario.

Eating the same stuff isn't a "bad" thing; I think it's just human nature, gravitating toward the comfort of familiarity on a regular basis. If I want something different, trust me - I get it! But in general, I see how the idea rings true. Most people have their basics, their standards.

So, what do I eat all the time?

My two most frequent dinners:
* Trader Joe's Gnocchi Alla Sorrentina
* Pasta & veggies (usually frozen peas, carrots, broccoli, asparagus, and/or corn; fresh grape tomatoes & fresh mozzarella, if I have them; spray butter, if the pasta is hot, or balsamic dressing, if it's cold)

My top two snacks:
* Trader Joe's White Cheddar Unburied Treasure (corn puffs, like Pirate's Booty - our TJ's is out, and I'm going CRAZY!!!!!!!!)
* Trader Joe's Honey Plantain Strips

Top two main dishes I make:
* Asian meatloaf
* Slow cooker pulled pork

Top two breakfasts:
* I just drink a Kirkland-brand chocolate slimfast every morning, b/c I hate eating breakfast unless I'm being fed at MOPS or we're going out to a special breakfast restaurant, like...
* Pancake Café - we go every Saturday morning. We've been going out to Saturday morning breakfast since both kids were in infant carriers. At our current spot, I get this amazing baked cinnamon/fruit pancake thing - heavenly!

The other thing I always eat? Restaurant leftovers. We looooove eating out, and it's a rare entrée that I don't bring a meal or two's worth of home afterwards.

So what do Y'ALL always eat???


  1. i loved reading your post. it was so interesting. i always have fiber one bars (2 a day) and coffee. i usually have crackers in my day too.

    if i could eat anything everyday...i would choose pasta of some sort with pumpkin pie...no matter the day of the week or if it's in season or not! mmmmm mmm good!

  2. i once read in a nutrition book that is healthier for us to eat the same thing every week - routine. it is healthy for our digestive tract. we both love cooking, so i try to find a new recipe every once in a while, but i also try to stick with at least a 2 week rotation or sometimes 3. for instance, we have a soup every week, though the soup changes (i'm learning to cook my own from scratch!), we still have soup every week.

    so, i say 'here-here'! to routine yummy foods!

    we pretty much keep it simple: veggies and rice, pasta and sauce, soups, chicken a la crockpot, breakfast for dinner, etc. etc. we love veggies, so i try to incorporate them alot. we like roasted potatoes or asparagus, sauted broccoli with garlic and onions, sauted green beans with mushrooms and onions, etc.

    we love food! yum!

  3. Oh, Sharon! I am soooo with you on the pasta & pumpkin EVERYTHING!!!!! Pasta would be my choice to eat every single day of my life, too.

    Amy - that is so cool to know! It makes sense to me.

    YAY, FOOD!!!!!

    Anyone else?


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