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We've been incredibly lucky this year. This weekend was our household's 1st major sickness since September, and even at that, Annelise got over it a lot quicker than anyone thought, esp. with all the cases of pneumonia, flu, & bronchitis we know of here. (All 3 of my friend Brandi's daughters have pneumonia!) The kids have each had a 24-hour bug since September, but nothing more than that.

I'm not a big health nut by any stretch, but I kept hearing so many things about vitamin D being as (if not more) important for immunity as vitamin C, and since we currently live in the frozen tundra, we're certainly not getting any from the sun October-April. So, after each kid had their first big back-to-school cold in September, I wanted to do something more. I bought this vitamin D supplement - Wellesse Vitamin D3 liquid - at Costco,

and I don't know if it's a placebo effect or if it's really making a difference, but I am totally surprised at how much relatively healthier we've been so far this sick season! Every bug we've had has bounced off so quickly. I'm a fan!

We've also been pretty lucky avoiding stomach issues, but while Annelise was fighting off whatever she had this weekend, she did throw up several times Saturday morning. I was so glad someone had recommended BRAT wellness drinks to me last month! I've never liked the idea of Pedialyte. If my kid can't keep anything down, and I'm going to feed her only this drink for a while, I want it to have some actual nutrients, too. Annelise loved it, and I felt better knowing that she was getting some nutrition instead of just kiddy gatorade. I know I sound like a commerical, but I am so impressed with the BRAT wellness drinks!

And that's it for today's episode of Susie's Pharmacy. :-P


  1. i've been toying with the idea of adding a supplement to my diet and i've tried it in the past but never been able to keep it up. i'm really bad with medicine long-term. i always forget. clay is on an iron supplement and i've been thinking we should both add a vitamin b12 to the mix. the jury is still out, but you've got me thinking about it again!

  2. I am the queen of inconsistency!!! This is the first "optional" vitamin I've ever taken and truly stuck with. (I didn't even remember my prenatals every single day.) It helps that Will & Sis love it so much (it's a yummy fruity liquid) so they always remind me, too. :-P I might not be so mindful w/o them!


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