How is your new year starting out? Shockingly enough, I have to say, I'm not depressed to be back after our luxurious Carolina home holiday. I I'm being cushioned. I had turned our heat way down while we were gone, and after 13 hours in the car, I was dreading entering an icy house Sunday night. (It was 6°F outside.) When I walked in, it wasn't that bad, and the house heated up the rest of the way very quickly! It sounds like a tiny thing, but to me, this was a huge hug telling me everything was OK. We got home in time for JB & me to relax on the couch for an hour before bed after unloading the car. Crawling into my bed felt soft & heavenly! Monday, I woke up refreshed & slightly early (since my body was still an hour early on Eastern time.)

After taking the kids to school, I got so much business taken care of. These are the few months my Junior League projects kick into high gear; I still need to get about $175 in fundraiser donations for our Spring Fling and do my committee work for the main project I'm on: Cinderella’s Closet.

MOPS also starts back up this Friday, and we're not having a steering (leadership) meeting beforehand, so I'm doing a lot of email organizing for that. Finally, it looks like starting Monday, I'm going to have 3 more dance classes to teach than I had planned on! Ack! I'm happy to do it, but I have a bad habit of letting myself get freaked out & overwhelmed, so I'm pretty surprised I'm not churning over everything on my plate right now.

I just feel...cushioned. :-) Even in this bitter, bitter cold!

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Closing with this prayer, b/c I know we are all on some journey. Most of us are waiting. Waiting. Waiting for the next step to be made clear. Following the Star continues to inspire me:
God, it is frustrating to get so close to my destination and then be unsure of where to turn. Today, help me to be aware of those who are seeking you and need a little help along the way. Help me to offer both a friendly face that reflects your love and the knowledge of you and your Word that points my brothers and sisters to you. Amen.


  1. the weekend was filled with relaxing and bumming it out, which in my opinion, is a great way to start the new year. with dance starting up this past monday, i worked for almost 17 hours between sunday and monday, getting ready for that. i was glad to have a snow day yesterday because i'm just exhausted. we are also adding a few classes so i'm having to re-work my schedule a bit, too.

    my news years resolution is to not panic over my to-do list. that is pretty tough for me, but i think if i can master this, my life will be so much better.

    i got a haircut over new years and am loving it. its got flair and personality now - what a great way to begin a new season, no?

    stay warm!

  2. I'm in the same boat usually re: panicking over my to-do list. I've come a long way this year, though, I think!

    I want to see your hair!!!!


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