Joyce: "Patience and Faithfulness"

So after blogging tonight, (writing it out always makes me feel better!) I watched today's Enjoying Everyday Life, and OH. MY. GOSH. That was a word directly FOR ME TODAY!!!!! (I wish I would've watched it earlier!) I cannot encourage everyone enough to watch this episode called "Patience and Faithfulness" - you can watch it free here online (scroll across the bottom to find it, if you don't see the title listed) or download the free podcasts.

I shouldn't be surprised when God comes through like this with the perfect advice, but it surely feels awe-inspiring!


  1. i'm so glad that after the day you had, God sent you a message to lift you up and set you back on your feet. hopefully tomorrow i will be able to find it and listen to it myself. i will need it after the night i'm having! its 1:45 and i have to be up in 5 hours to get ready to teach for 5 hours (make up day for MLK, jr). grrr.

  2. It was a challenging message for sure, but the perfect advice that I needed to get over myself.

    Praying that you have all of the grace & energy you need to make it through teaching today!


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