Miep Gies

I just heard that Miep Gies, one of the people who protected Anne Frank in hiding and the one who saved her diary, passed away last night. If you aren't familiar, please read this article. Everyone knows how obsessed I am with WWII history, so obviously this story is at the top of my news list. I've been to Bergen-Belsen concentration camp, where Anne died, and I think growing up, I always identified more with Anne, purely b/c we were closer in age. Miep was a grown-up... But in reading the articles today, I realized that she was in her early 30's when she helped hide Anne & her family...just like I am now.

Whom am I saving? Whose life am I changing? Whose life is better b/c of me?

Big shoes to fill...

I ask for the wisdom God provides, to see God's plan and to share it.


  1. thank you for sharing this. the first time i read the diary of anne frank, i cried for hours! i have since seen a stage production and will always hold the story close to my heart. it is amazing that some people in this world believe that the holocaust never happened, and worse still, in my opinion is that some choose not to remember it. thank you for sharing this!

  2. I visited the AF house when I was in Amsterdam and it was amazing. The details of how they had to hide and what went into that was incredible. My hubs is obsessed with WWII and loves to watch all the documentary shows on it. I watch by default but find it interesting--but so heart breaking.

    I think sometimes, we never know whose life we change but just knowing that God has a plan and purpose for you is enough. I may not go down in history for anything I do in my life, but I will go down in God's book of life and hopefully fulfill the plans He has for me.

  3. I love what you said, Reynie, about not knowing whose lives we are changing!!!

    Yep - I am completely WWII obsessed, too. I was a German major in college, and I absorb every ounce of info that I can. My Netflix rental list looks like a history class: Nazi this, Holocaust that. I wonder often why God has put this on my heart? I just cannot get enough info to feel like I know "enough" and I'm already a scholar. I just don't know why or what I'm supposed to do with the info...


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