This Week in Pop Culture...

It's apparently retro week on FB, and everyone is posting profile pics of their young selves. I am LOVING seeing everyone "little", so I thought I'd put little Susie here, too:

That's me cheering in the mid-80's. :-)

American Idol: yes, I watch it...and my favorite part is laughing at the train wreck auditions. I'm sorry if that sounds mean, but these people are purposely going on national TV and totally asking for it. I *LOVE* Paula being gone! I really thought she was a waste of breath. Simon is my fave, and I wonder if I'll still enjoy it next year with him gone?

Late Night: living in Central Time for the last year has actually allowed me to get into late night TV, (Jay at 9, Conan at 10:35, & Jimmy Fallon as I go to bed at 11:35 - not that I watch any of them every night, or ever even a complete episode, but I'm actually awake here to be able to, if nothing else is on.) I like Leno, but I am rooting for Conan.

Christmas d├ęcor: not only is our tree still up, but we still have it on!!! I love it! And I don't feel the least bit bad, b/c at least 6 of our neighbors still have their *outdoor* lights up AND ON, too! I guess that's what happens when you have a foot of snow standing around 24/7. The news reported that today was the first day here above 30°F since before Christmas, so maybe some of the groty snow pack will melt away. (Never fast enough! :-P) I'll take our tree down by February, I promise. ;-)

My heart breaks for Haiti...