Lighten Up: Storytelling, S'mores, & 98th Bday

I've been laying a lot of my heaviness down here and am SO grateful for all of your support, but there really *IS* a lot of happy, fun stuff happening in our lives right now, aside from this wretched moving ordeal. Let's lighten up!!!

Will drew a story the other night:
"Once, Will and LaLa went to Tweetsie Railroad. They saw Donald Schultz there. He was tracking down snakes on the train. He had found a berg adder, and then there was also a big python."

[Mommy's notes: Tweetsie is one of our favorite family destinations, and Donald Schultz is our kids' herpetologist hero from Wild Recon.]

Being here, we're spending lots of time with my parents' wonderful neighbors. We have always enjoyed hanging out until all hours & making s'mores with them in their backyard firepit. Will just got a new shirt this spring to comemmorate us doing this:
[Will also thinks it's funny to wear this old wig Grandaddo had in his closet for a Halloween party years ago...and it IS hysterical!!!]

Yesterday was my Grandmommy's 98th birthday! I hope I've gotten her genes...

Finally, I need to thank God for banana pudding milkshakes from Cook Out!!! Heavenly...


  1. yay for happy events and fun time, even in the midst of stress :-) today, when i took tippy for a walk, i took my camera to capture the beauty of spring... it was a glorious afternoon for a walk because the sun was shining and there was a heavenly breeze keeping me cool. it was a nice respite in the middle of my day :-)

  2. It's a true blessing that you are able to see the beauty and joy in life, even as you face your own struggles. Yay!

  3. Blogging is a good way to get rid of the heavy stuff on your heart so tell it all girl! But, it is nice to see you are enjoying your time with your family. Hopefully something will work out sooner than later with the housing situation. It is so hard to not have a nest!

  4. You hit the nail on the head: I am obviously happier here and totally not anxious to move up there, but it *IS* so hard for me not to have a nest. I'm so glad y'all are here to hear me air out all the good AND the stressful. I love y'all! :-)


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