Chick-fil-A Cheers

I've already waxed rapturous over Chick-fil-A playing contemporary Christian music in all their stores, but I think this institution needs its own post. We have gotten so much free stuff from them! One day after the kids played on their playground, they brought around free cups of their divine peach milkshakes.! I have gotten FOUR free chicken sandwiches from them, just for filling out the 1-minute online survey on the bottom of my receipts. Last week, they sponsored a Cop On Top event, where a policeman sits up on some scaffolding for 72 hrs to raise money for Special Olympics, and they had all sorts of free stuff all three days. The kids got SIX coloring books, made wooden sailboats from Home Depot, and got 2 free 8-piece nugget cards and 2 free Icedreams. I don't think I can bear to leave Chick-fil-A at the end of next week...

I posted on FB that I'm turning into a life-sized Icedream swirl... (Icedream is their vanilla soft serve & I notoriously *hate* soft serve over regular ice cream, but this is so light & refreshing, I can't contain myself!) One of my friends was saying today how amazing Chick-fil-A's customer service is & how the employees are the nicest people ever. They only hire humble, sweet, serving-hearted people. I said, "I know their jobs actually depend on it, but can you imagine if people in churches acted like Chick-fil-A employees?" Whoa... Too bad I'm not a preacher - now *THAT'S* a sermon topic!!! :-D


  1. i can't say enough about Chick-Fil-A. that is all we eat when we drive to huntington ( the closest chick-fil-a that is 50 minutes away). i miss it so much! clay worked there in high school or college, and if he still likes eating there, that says something about how they make their food, quality, and how former employees feel about it. i've heard so many former employees of restaurants refuse to eat where they worked and it always leaves a huge impression on me.

  2. our closest chick-fil-A is 40 minutes away as well - but we love supporting it! can you imagine if other fast food chains were to hire on the same basis that they hired? coudl you imagine if moms and dad country-wide were to have the same high standards for their kids' behavior? wow! that would change the country! :)
    i DID see the peach milkshake on the menu yesterday. but like i said...i'm going back later this week for their softserv (i always prefer softserv over hard ice cream b/c i'm not a fan of ice cream in general. let me eat CAKE!). :)

  3. We only had a Chikfila at the mall until about a year ago when they built a full size one. That's the only fast food playground that Mitchell has been brave enough to climb around the entire thing. Our Chikfila also does church bulletin night-I think it's always the 3rd monday of the month, you get a free chicken sandwich when you bring in your church bulletin. The only problem with them being christian-centered is that when you get a craving on Sunday, they're not open!

  4. Chick-fil-a is awesome! I love being spoiled and having one only minutes away (from home, work & church!) I remember going to WDW in 2003 and again in 2006...we made a point to search out the few CFA's along the way. Well worth the hunt.

  5. YAY for sharing the Chick-fil-A joy! :-P
    Now that's another good one: "imagine if moms and dads country-wide were to have the same high standards for their kids' behavior" - that WOULD be revolutionary!!!


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