Swagger Wagon

What is a Swagger Wagon? Check out this video by my friend Jody from high school who is now a big time Hollywood feature film director!!! (You mommy friends are gonna LOVE this!!!)

[The video is widescreen, so it's a little cut off here; if you want to see it full-out, click on the title in the video box.]

How awesome is that?

So, my swagger wagon & I had some issues this morning. I went to get in, (b/c mom & Hershel were gone all day, & I wanted to do something fun with the kids,) and it was dead as a doornail. We got it jumped long enough to get it to the repair shop; the battery was shot, (and it was also in need of a transmission fluid flush & the right outer tie rod needed to be replaced, (don't I sound like I know exactly what I'm talking about? :-P) so we went ahead on those, too, since they needed to be done before we head back north in June.) So, I got to juggle two antsy kids in the boring waiting room for 2+ hours. Yay. Will brought his train book, and Sissy played make-believe beauty parlor, giving us special hair do's. There was also a gas station next door, so we walked over, and it was one of those good old places in the South that serves hot lunch like a restaurant. They also had Mayfield Ice Cream (we used to live down the road from the Mayfield Dairy when we lived in Georgia!) but I made the kids eat the Friday Special with me first: pulled pork barbeque, mac & cheese, and broccoli (that just happened to also be smothered in cheese with bits of BACON!!! Mmmm...) We also picked up two NC map postcards for the kids to write & send to their Montessori school they just left. The service guys finally said they'd give us a ride home & call when it was finished - thank goodness!!! We arrived home right as the school bus holding the kids' neighbor playmate did, so the kids have been in 7th heaven. Definitely an inconvenience, and certainly NOT the $500+ we wanted to have to spend; but it turned out to be a not-so-bad day otherwise! :-P


  1. Love the video! Thanks for sharing!

    So glad the car was "at home" and not on the road when it decided it needed work. Have a safe trip in June.


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