Charleston Tin Tile

I know I mentioned that we got JB's Father's Day present at the Market in Charleston last month. Here it is - a tin ceiling tile from a historic building in Charleston that has been redone. They've taken the tin from the ceilings and turned it into art:

You all know JB & I have a passion for Charleston and that we will live in that area forever as soon as God allows; but while we're waiting, we've been getting some piece of Charleston art to have in our home every year or two. JB really has an amazing appreciation for art, and one of our favorite date night things to do before going to eat at High Cotton is browsing Charleston's art galleries. This was so unique - different from the paintings we already have - and I just fell in love! (The tile I'm holding is the one we chose, but they had so many. They had giant ones that people are using for fireplace screens & headboards, too.)

So instead of some kitchy "Great Dad" thing that is covered with stereotypical "dad stuff" like golf balls & neckties (neither of which apply to JB on more than a few-times-a-year basis) we got him something that really represents our family's heart to thank him for working his derrière off to make us all happy.

Thank you for being such a passionate father and caring so much about how our kids grow up! WE LOVE YOU!!!