Das Versprechen

I just watched a movie on Netflix through the Wii called The Promise (Das Versprechen auf Deutsch) that I saw almost 12 years ago in one of my Universit├Ąt W├╝rzburg classes. I can't believe it was available, and I really can't believe it's been that long. I even remember where I was sitting in Frau Kienlein's room that day... It's a love story, and at that point, JB & I hadn't even been dating for a full year, yet; but we knew we wanted to make the long distance (waaaaaaay long: me in Germany, him in grad school in Madison, WI!) work, so I watched the whole thing, wrapped up in the drama of separated love.

He's out tonight...but I remember thinking back then, "They were apart for almost 30 years; we can make one year," and tonight, now I only have to wait a few hours. :-) I dreamed of marriage then, and it's such a happy realization now to see how far we've come.