Dream Deferred

Annelise had to miss her 2nd dance recital this May b/c of our move. I had my former studio director mail her costume here to us, though, and when it came? She was ecstatic! (Can you tell that she couldn't keep her arms still? :-))

I can tell that she still hopes she'll get to do a recital this year, even though I've explained that hers with her old tap class is done. Tonight, though, I put her in her costume to go to our cousin Victoria's recital. Victoria is 12 and does every style, so Sissy was excited. She danced in the aisle a little bit, and she got lots of attention in her costume...but she did comment several times, "I just wish I could dance FOR REAL onstage." Me, too, baby doll. Me, too...


  1. Maybe she could. If you have any connections at an area school, you might be able to sneak in and let her have her own recital on-stage.

  2. I think Phyllis is on to something!

    She looks just like you! OMG! Too cute in that outfit! :)

  3. Yes! :-) We've already talked about doing that, and she's gotten to dance onstage with the girls at Tweetsie; but she just wishes she could have her whole recital with her friends. If it would have been her 1st, she wouldn't have known any different; but she remembers last year vividly, so. She'll get over it, but it's just one of those tough life things. Hopefully we'll get to move South to settle for good & these situations won't come up as often...


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