Going Out on Top

We left NC on some high notes. :-) We got to see my Grandmommy

as well as my BFF Wendy & her family before our cousin Victoria's dance recital, which we felt blessed to go to. V's daddy passed away 3½ years ago at Christmas, and other than her Nana (my mom's 1st cousin/like a sister) we are their closest family. Understandably they've been absent from our usual Christmas gatherings, (I know what a black hole the holidays feel like after your dad dies when he is your world, before you are old enough to have your own husband & family,) but they actually made it over to Sissy's bday party in April, and I think it opened up a whole new world of healing. ♥ Now that I'm a "grown-up" ;-) Victoria's mom Amy & I are closer, and V dotes all over Will & Sis. It breaks my heart to leave them now, but I'm excited for the more complete family unit we'll have, again, every time we go home. :-)

We then spent our final NC day back at our favorite family fun park, Tweetsie! Since we have season passes this year, we thought better to get the most out of them!!!

I left to drive up with the kids & the dog Friday morning. We drove a little over halfway to Gallapolis, Ohio. What on Earth is there, you ask? (You wouldn't be the only ones. ;-)) My dearest friend, Amy (we taught dance together at The Studio in Georgia & Will was the ring bearer in her wedding :-)
in October 2007) and her husband are living there for the time being; he is a music professor at a near-by university. We've both been in the same boat this year with our husbands' job limbos, and we've really leaned on each other a lot, so staying with her on the way up was pretty perfectly poetic. It felt so good to hang out in person!


  1. it was COMPLETELY poetic! it was wonderful to see you and hug you! God will deliver you -- the sermon i heard today said, "when God allows darkness to come all around you; that is not the time he has forsaken you, but it is right before he delivers you"... keep your chin up!

  2. GREAT SERMON!!! Thank you for that & for Friday night!!!!!

  3. yeah - we stayed home today and watched sermons on tv -- two in a row were on joseph and job... and about hard seasons in life. i'm glad we stayed home because they both were timely


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