Gratituesday: Health

This Tuesday (and every day,) I am so thankful for my children's health. I've thought about that actively several times the last few days. Saturday while we were at the pool, a little girl with special needs had a seizure. The family scooped her up & bolted out of there in a flash. It wasn't a screaming, hysterical scene - I don't think any of the other kids even noticed - but we parents surely did...

Also this weekend, a friend of mine from high school's son spiked a crazy fever, and they ended up in the ER. Turns out he got a serious infection from an abrasion that ended up in his bone around his ankle, and he had to have immediate surgery. We just met & played with this little guy a few weeks ago! His dad posted on FB this morning: "Given that a generation or so ago, we'd probably be burying him today - I've learned what it means to be thankful."

That hit me like a ton of bricks. I, too, am so thankful!

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