Grocery Gold Mine

I *LOVELOVELOVE* grocery shopping. I know it's some people's least favorite chore, but not only do I love it, but I love going with my kids in tow! I have always waited for when I can purposely take them with me. (Going by myself = boring & lonely!) It's perfect, b/c we all love getting out of the house, and as they get older, we talk about nutrition & the things we will make. Plus, it's shopping with a purpose! :-P

Today I got to go on a grocery marathon to four different stores to stock our new house. It's one of my favorite things about moving! (Yes, I *do* actually have a few things I like about moving. Just a few. ;-)) We went to the Wal-mart for toiletries (new cheap electronic toothbrushes! sigh...) & pool noodles. We bought most of our dry goods (pasta, oats) at Aldi. At Costco, we got milk, eggs, ground beef, chicken broth, bread, romaine (6 giant stalks for $3 - even if we don't eat it all before it goes bad, it was a deal!), bananas, & a rotisserie chicken for tonight. Finally, we went to our beloved Trader Joe's for the stuff we love: Joe's O's (cheerios), sweet potatoes, gnocchi alla sorrentina, and everything to make our homemade pizzas.

SUPER fun (I'm not being facetious!) day!!!


  1. Grocery shopping with you is the reason I talk to myself to this day. "Oh, nice peas! Would you like to have peas for supper? Oh yes. That's a good idea"...

  2. i love grocery shopping! its a chance to get out of the house and have an hour or two to myself or with my hubby (without the tv on!). it was a common date-night activity clay and i did together. i just love it!

  3. Yeah, that's been a marriage compromise for us: I discovered JB hates grocery shopping. I used to always wait for him to go with me, b/c I love it being a shared experience; one day he was like, "Can you just do it?" So I guess that's why I always love bringing the kids with! :-P


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