iTrip & Buttercream Cupcake Soap

These two items have made me a very happy, thankful girl this week:

The iTrip Auto SmartScan FM Transmitter and Car Charger is the gadget that I plug my iPhone into in the car that streams my iPod songs and especially the K-LOVE streaming radio app through the car radio! No more musical black hole for this swagger wagon! ;-) (We got this now-discontinued version for super cheap!)

I also finally got to an Ulta (wonderful makeup & beauty supply store!) up here to take advantage of their shower smoothie sale + the $3.50 off coupon I had. Hello, Buttercream Cupcake 3-in-1 "ultra-rich cleanser that can be used as a bubble bath, shampoo or body wash." Annelise & I have been waiting to get this for two months. She asked for her birthday, (& I thought perfect b/c of the cake scent!) but we fell in love with & got the NYX Candy Glitter Liner instead (b/c it was on bigger sale ;-)) and then we had to wait for the shower smoothies to go back on sale, again. Mmmmmm...the smell was so worth the wait!