Musical Black Hole

So I had to FB message nine friends from our church here in MI this week: "Last time we lived here we had XM radio so I didn't listen locally; but now that we don't, I can't find any contemporary Christian music stations. Do any of y'all know of any?"

My pastor here was the only reply, and he confirmed THAT THERE ARE NONE!!!

Jaw. On. The. Floor. I thought it was just *me* who was missing something, not being able to find one; but no. (See the screaming reality of this post???) It's not a midwestern thing, b/c Chicago had three great ones; but it echoes a cultural element I value & look for that is totally missing here. (And the fact that no one notices that it's missing bothers me most.)

I won't listen to nauseating kiddie CDs in the car, and I'm not playing radio music about sex & getting drunk in the bar for my children to learn. (I'm not knocking all Top 40 - I *love* a lot of it! And I know a lot of people think it's hysterical when their little ones sing along with Ke$ha; but for the most part, it's not what I choose for them while I'm still making the choices.) Contemporary Christian is PERFECT, b/c it still sounds fresh & modern, and I actually WANT my kids to absorb the lyrics. (Not to mention, it sets my attitude on a positive path, too!) I'm not paying for Sirius/XM radio, again, (we originally got it free for a period when we got our van last time we were here) when I only listen to ONE station, but JB found a contraption that will stream an iPhone feed through the car radio, so after the next pay day, I may check that out. (I have K-LOVE's streaming app on my phone already.)

Of course we'll make it work, but I just couldn't let this illustration slide, when there are people who really don't see many regional cultural differences and don't understand why I think my home area is so "different". :-P


  1. i can't believe that there are NO christian stations! that is really strange!! i hope you find a solution soon :-)

  2. I know! I knew I couldn't find any last time we lived here, either, but I thought maybe I was just missing something, since we had XM radio & I didn't *need* to find one.



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