O! Say Can You See...Will's Tooth & the Pool

My kids have "The Star-Spangled Banner" stuck in their heads. They sing it randomly - in the car, around the house, under their towel tents at the pool - ALL.THE.TIME. I like their patriotism...but it's hysterical, b/c it's just not what you'd expect to hear. Ever since we told them I used to sing it at Charlotte Checkers hockey games, and they know each NASCAR race starts with it, they've been obsessed. (At least it's a family song - Francis Scott Key is a relative of mine!)

Will has his first majorly loose tooth. Bottom center slightly to the left. It gets "more wiggly" every day, (slightly gross & freaky :-P), and this kid is SO PROUD! I need to make sure the Tooth Fairy is on call, b/c she will certainly be flying into our household for the 1st time SOON! (I think he's also ecstatic, b/c the love of his [thus far short] life, my parents' neighbor Kendall - she's 8 - has lost LOTS of teeth, so it'll impress her. ;-))

We made these brownies today after lunch. Mmmmmm... I'm all about all natural "sin-free fat free" that tastes that good!

After lunch & brownies, we trekked over to the pool. (I timed the walk out of curiosity - 8 min.) I just cannot go on enough about how pleased I am with the look of this neighborhood. I really lamented having to leave Naperville's Riverwalk, and while this doesn't have the downtown atmosphere, it's got the water, nature, and gorgeous views matched for sure! It feels like a quiet resort. I will take awesome pics of the kids out there soon!

My FB status deserves a repost: "I know it's summer when I'm risking serious razor burn shaving my legs on the side of the tub at 2 PM so I can take the kids to the pool..." Seriously! What is truly worse: stubble or a red rash that stings when exposed to chlorine? (Even though I know what hurts more, the jury is still out...)

On the calendar: we're going to swing by our old favorite MI festival on Saturday, Liberty Fest. Next week - after being back at our old church for ONE service - I have already been roped into teaching VBS. I'm also excited, b/c I found a life guard who lives in our neighborhood who is offering (RELATIVELY CHEAP!!!) swimming lessons right here! I'm going to have the kids do 3 afternoons a week (Tues, Wed, Thurs) until they can both jump in the pool from any point & get to the side safely. (I told the girl I didn't expect them to be swimming fly by the end of the summer :-P, but that they took lessons last summer which were a complete waste, b/c they only learned how to blow bubbles.)


  1. the boys are doing the same VBS (high seas) this week at the little neighborhood church and kenny and i lead the skits/music for our church in july for the High Seas as well. we've been singing the music for weeks. there's a song on the cd called "Ancient Words" and the boys love it - but they sing it as "Asian Words" - hysterical for us to here.
    and DO post pics of your neighborhood and house! i'd love to see!!!

  2. i hope you enjoy working the VBS - i love working them, when i have a church that i'm actually plugged into. and good luck with the lose tooth; i agree, its kinda disgusting! i don't want the tooth fairy's job, for sure!

  3. I wonder if Will & Sis would like the CD? Good thought!!!

    And I just don't like seeing loose teeth swinging back & forth. Once it's out - fine; but back & forth, back & forth, back & forth, back & forth...barf! :-P

  4. i'm SO with you on the loose tooth front. they make me cringe. so kenny does all the tooth-related stuff before they fall out. YIKES!

  5. Ugh - I couldn't believe when my friend at the pool offered to pull it out! And even worse: that she tried 3 times & it wasn't ready!!! And Will swore it didn't hurt! He made her promise to try, again, today. Shudder...


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