As we made our trek over to the pool today, I took some pics. Here's the view around the corner from our house, as we walk around the lake. This is the pool house complex across the lake from our side of the neighborhood:

When you get inside, here's the panorama. (Click to see it bigger; this is a photoshop merge of 13 pics!)

Here's another panorama from standing on top of the clubhouse deck, looking down at the pool, across the lake (where the swans & herons live), and over at the playground & the lower edge of the waterfall:

It's so nice!

When we arrived this afternoon, my new friend Kelly (whom I hung out with Saturday) promptly popped open a beer and said, "Welcome!" This neighborhood is so friendly!!! Over the course of the day "Mrs. Kelly" even offered to pull out Will's tooth. (BARF!) It wouldn't quite come out today, so she promised Will she'd give it another try tomorrow. (Shudder...) Will said it didn't hurt a bit & was so angry it didn't actually come out today! :-P

Annelise was talking our ears off, and all of a sudden when I looked up to check on Will, it looked like he was swimming. This kid who would barely put his face in last week! He jumps in by himself & floats with a noodle, but he couldn't swim. I got up in amazement & walked to the shallow end where he really was swimming! I was freaking out & totally lamenting not having a video camera with me. (Tomorrow! Apparently along with possibly his first lost tooth... ;-))

Proud Daddy got home right after we had gotten cleaned up, and we made our family Trader Joe's pizzas from scratch for dinner. Such a good cap off to the triumphant day!


  1. LOVE it!!! and i so love your complex and am glad it's a piece of happy for you to enjoy right now. sawyer and will are so similar....sawyer's our little fish as well.

  2. I'm so happy for you guys Susie! It looks amazing, wish we had that here where we lived...looks so peaceful by the lake. Wish we were there to enjoy it with you. I'm so happy you are making the best of it all and you get to be with JB.

  3. that is BEAUTIFUL!!! love the neighborhood! that is the kind of place i want to raise my kids in, with stuff to do, friendly people, and beautiful surroundings! so glad you have made a new friend! and super congrats to will for learning to swim! that is awesome!

  4. I totally reserve the right to complain as soon as the first cold snap hits, but as long as I can comfortably be out enjoying this? It's wonderful!!! :-)

    And I think a neighborhood pool has just become a home deal-breaker for us. The kids are old enough now that it's not a chore, but if it's any further than walking distance, I will always find a reason not to pack up & go. Plus, it's the best place to meet neighbors easily!

  5. we've been planning on putting a pool in our backyard when the boys are a bit older. i LONG for the day i can spend every waking moment in a deck chair and int he pool myself while all the boys and their friends spend their summer days swimming/playing/eating. enjoy the maintenence-free neighborhood pool while it's warm and sunny! (we do sprinkler and popsicles now - which is also nice in a pre-school sort of way. :) )

  6. YES! Maintenence-free is KEY part! I see how much work my parents' hot tub is, and that alone makes me tired. :-P

  7. sues, I'm so happy for you! It seems like there is some positive sides to the new 'hood! you moved at the right time of year to make friends and enjoy the new place!! Good for you! And little Will--look at him! I bet you're proud! And now a missing tooth! So much fun going on!


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