Unpacking Status

After I got all of the main rooms unpacked, we took a break at our neighborhood pool yesterday. This subdivision is wonderful! You can't make it out in this pic, but right behind the white fence is a big rocky waterfall - so soothing! To the right is a playground & then a lake with swans & all kinds of wildlife (we saw another deer drinking!) around. It's just really pretty.

I haven't had such easy pool access & opportunity (with kids finally old enough for me to relax a bit there) in YEARS! (Reminds me of Turtle Creek in GA, but the pool is way closer to our house. :-)) Definitely excited for the summer!

I hit the exhaustion wall today, though. I couldn't keep my eyes open. I posted as my FB status that "the waves of procrastination are now lapping at my feet & the tide is coming in..." :-P I still need to hang most of the pics, unpack the laundry room, hang up the clothes in my NC suitcase in my closet, put the bedding on the guest bed, and put together a curio cabinet. JB has to put 7 boxes in the basement, and we need to clear out all the unpacking trash on Wednesday, (trash day,) but that's really about it.

I still can't find any of our nice electronic toothbrushes, which really bothers me. Also no shower curtain hooks for the guest bath, and I can't find the 3 pics that were in our powder room move-before-last that I want to put in this one. Otherwise, it's all here. :-P We've had things lost in b/t homes, though, that have turned up a move or two later! When we left GA, I couldn't find a bunch of scrapbooking stuff (when I was still doing paper.) Guess what I found in March in our Naperville basement? That scrapbooking bag! (I'm not waiting on those toothbrushes much longer, though!!! ;-))


  1. i just had to post that my toes are blue too right now! i have a coating of glitter on them as well. i feel VERY girly around this house of testosterone! :)


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