Football Cubed & Positive Movement

Football¹ - Will had his 6-year well-check today, so he can be "legal" for school, soccer, & flag football. :-) He is 47 lbs. & 45.5" tall - perfectly 50th% for both. I was so happy this morning when our old pediatrician absolutely remembered us - she almost squeezed Will's cheeks & said, "You are so big, but your face is exactly the same!" That genuine connection is *such* a confident feeling!

Football² - Grandma & Grandpa Blake really blessed us this afternoon: we met up at the Gymboree Outlet for some Back-to-School shopping! (We all pre-scouted the GymboOutlet as a great place to go; not only are their prices good, but their boy's line theme is FOOTBALL!!! We always like football over rock'n'roll, robots, pirates, western, camping, etc.) I am so in love with the smart, preppy look of the rugbys & T's. We also went to the Skechers Outlet for sneakers: Will now has light-up blue/black & Sis has sparkly "Twinkle Toes" denim/pink.

We(I) made red velvet cupcakes with Ghirardelli chocolate ganache last night (one of Grandma's faves) and also brought them some of the fresh blueberries we picked on Monday (blueberries are one of Grandpa's faves) as a little "thank you" this afternoon. :-) Such a fun "excuse" to bake! I discovered my new *red* Paula Deen apron they gave me for my bday is PERFECT for baking red velvet. ;-) I also discovered that those fresh blueberries were divine dipped in my leftover fresh ganache. :-D I know I was wearing my "Hey Y'all!", but I still couldn't bring myself to bake "full-on Paula", though. I used unsweetened applesauce instead of oil and fat free half & half for my ganache. :-P (I can't help it; I *have* to cut calories where I can, so I feel less guilty eating as much as I want!)

Football³ - Tonight is my beloved Redskins first preseason NFL game!!!!!! I don't care if preseason means nothing. I have missed my Skins for 8 solid months, and I am ready to CHEER!!! We actually have reason for hope this year: a new pro quarterback, a new pro coach, and we're starting with all of our draft picks healthy for the first time in years. (Yes, I care THIS MUCH!) The 1st quarter is over, and they looked GREAT. My fave Chris Cooley has already made some major catches (I'm sure he'll be done now for the night), McNabb did not disappoint, and we even closed the 1st quarter with an interception right after our 1st touchdown which we immediately turned into a 2nd TD. Y'all, I am just beside myself. I don't care if it means "nothing"; it means happiness to me!!! :-D (And thank you, Lord, for NFL Network on DirecTV, so I can actually watch my Skins' preseason!)

Positive movement: nothing concrete, but the dance director of Splitz *did* call me this week, and we're going to set up a time to talk. :-) I also went by our old Montessori this morning, since the option I considered first will *not* offer half-day preschool for Sis; and I'm so glad I did! The one teacher I hadn't been excited about isn't there anymore, they were so excited to see us, and they have both morning & afternoon preschool openings, (so if Splitz works out, we can put her in whichever session is the best fit for that. Plus, Splitz & Montessori are just a few blocks apart!) I feel so good that I can see God working this stuff out for us on His schedule. I've waited for a word & prayed about what the best options are every single day for months, and today is the first day I have any confident peace about what is right for us. There's nothing that feels as good & as safe as being in God's will!


  1. oh, i am SUPER glad to hear that God is beginning to open doors and bring you joy in this place... honestly, it brings me hope that God may open doors here for me. so happy that the redskins are back :-) i am not into football half as much as you are, but i know how much you love them and am soooo happy for you! love you

  2. Thank you SO MUCH, Love! This summer has definitely been a shining example of God's grace. :-)


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