Football Dreams

Last night, we boiled Will's first football mouthguard. What an awesome event for a football-obsessed mommy! :-D (FYI: you boil a new mouthguard to make it pliable and then have the player (Will!) bite down on it while it's still really warm to form it to his own mouth. Think of impressions, for you fellow braces vets.) Today was his first practice - it was a GORGEOUS day to be outside! (Hotter than most would choose = perfect for me! ;-)) My first bit of disappointing news is that Will is not on the Redskins. (And I wouldn't even be truly bummed, except there *IS* a Redskins team in his age group. :'( Sad that my super fan request was ignored.) His team is the Chargers, though, and I don't have any negative associations with them, (THANK YOU, LORD, for sparing us from the Cowboys, Eagles, & Giants!!!) so that's OK. Now we actually have someone to root for in the AFC this year, I guess. :-P

Watching Will play sports fires me up beyond belief! (It's been a spirit-filled day: I sang up onstage at church this morning for the first time since leaving NCC, and it felt AMAZING! There aren't enough words for how good it feels to know that God has given you something & that you're using it the way He wants!!! I'm singing, again, next week, too!) Back to sporting Will: he has a drive & an ambition that will not quit. He NEVER even practices at less than 100%. He's always the first volunteer. He's the only one who keeps playing all the way through until the coach blows the whistle. (...And even then, he often doesn't want to stop! ;-)) I *love* watching him. (And I'm kicking myself for not snapping any pics today!) It was awesome, and I'm proud of how much he learned.

The other bit of disappointing news comes re: scheduling. There's not - like everywhere else on the planet - one cheer squad per football team. This *whole league* has one squad. Annelise's (& my) squad. Yeah. [This is sooooooo not the South, y'all! Apart from no tackle football, yet, they don't have just as many cheerleaders as football players at this age! I am dumbfounded.] So even though a big reason we signed Sis up was so that she could have a special thing *at the same time* as Will with no extra family time commitment, that's not happening. They have separate games every.single.week (except for Oct. 9th - the ONLY time Sissy's squad will cheer for Will!) My dream of Annelise's first year cheering for Will's first year of playing (& for the Redskins ;-)) is kind of down the tubes, :'( but surely God will work this out for our best somehow, too. Maybe it will be a good thing for this to take up our entire Saturdays for two months? It's better than being inside playing hours of Wii. (Not that I want to begrudge my guys that; I know what a genuine bonding thing it is for them. :-)) I'm not going to let Will's awesome first practice weekend and the excitement of Sis working with her pom poms be tainted by any sense of faux loss over the dream scenario I thought I wanted.


  1. i remember the first time you mentioned will playing football, as early as you could get him, and he was only weeks old! i can't believe that time has come :-) wow, how time flies!

    honestly, i think its great that sis has her own thing and will has his. the activity is connected but its individualized for each of them. i hope God blesses it and makes it awesome, even though its not 100% what you wanted :-)

  2. I KNOW!!!!! :-)

    And thank you, Love, for always having the perfect prayers!


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