Today our Will turned 6. SIX!

Six years ago...

And now as a rockstar on his new Razor scooter!

We had his birthday party yesterday (a day early, b/c our BFFs here had to go out-of-town today) at Chuck E Cheese. We had a low-key walk-in party: we only bought tokens with coupons there for all the guests (9 kids from 3 to 7) to play. I made the cake - a red velvet football-shaped cake iced with milk chocolate ganache! - and we brought bottled water, plates, napkins, forks, & cups in with us. (And get this: I just happened to have 20 plates, napkins, forks, & cups from Will's last bday all packaged up in our storage closet, perfectly ready to go!) We brought silly bandz for everyone in lieu of goody bags and passed those out as soon as we were done with the cake, so from then on, everyone could run amok w/o having to check back in with us. It was so cheap, easy, & awesome!

My mom flew up from home (NC) Wednesday night for this whole next week to celebrate, so we are still a pretty happy household! Today we went to Target, so Will could use a birthday gift card. (How many Hotwheels does one boy need?!?!) We went to Guernsey Farms Dairy for Will to get his free birthday ice cream. (He & Sis got Blue Moon - the *least* obnoxious kid-geared blue ice cream ever! It's light blue and gently almond-flavored; I actually like it! But I had an AMAZING flavor today: choco malt chip - chocolate ice cream with these little chunks of chocolate-covered malt! Heavenly!!!) Afterwards, we wanted to show my mom our new downtown, but there was a big festival going on & all the streets were closed; so we parked and got festive! My mom & I fell in love with the scents from the Relic Soap Company's gorgeous bars, and my lips tasted like soap from sniffing so closely for the next 20 minutes every time I accidentally licked them. :-P Will had a ball, b/c we brought his new Razor scooter from Grandma & Grandpa with us in the car, and he - safely & respectfully! - tooled up & down the street in front of us waiting. (Sis was sniffing with us. :-)) We ended our tour for the day with Will & Sis showing LaLa their new beloved library...and now we're all wiped out for the night.

Birthday success!!! And the excitement can keep on rolling into next week! :-)

PS - Sissy & her BFF got hair-do's before the birthday party, so they would look extra special for Will!