Further Thanks

In case y'all didn't see in the comments yesterday, my friend had an awesome idea for furthering the recognition of thanks with her kids: make a paper tree and write down each day what your kids are thankful for to fill it in. With all the kid answers, it should be really cute come Thanksgiving! Another seasonal comment that tickled me: Bella Michelle said that she's going to skip individual Thanksgiving and Christmas and just celebrate ChristGiving, since it all becomes one big holiday of thanks, food, gifts, & praise from now until the new year. :-P I like ChristGiving. :-)

After the awesome parent/teacher conference this morning, I also want to give thanks, again, for Annelise's dance/gymnastics class. Quality dance teachers are a little hit-or-miss. They all certainly don't have a spark, and maybe I'm just hypercritical; but her teachers here are wonderful!!!

I'm also truly thankful for my absolute favorite sandwich: caprese panini (mozzarella di bufala, tomatoes, & basil pressed on cibatta) and my current fave drink: extra spiced (with pumpkin spice or gingerbread) chai lattes. Mmmmmmmmmm!!! Free samples of peppermint mochas are another blessing. :-)

I'm thankful that not only do I but also Annelise has a BFF that we can share "coffee house girl time" with. There's no treasure like the commiseration and support of a girlfriend.

Finally, I am super thankful I get to sing this Sunday morning and that I get to rehearse tonight. There is nothing that fills up my spiritual tank like this!