Sing Sing Sing

Today I am thankful that I got to sing on praise team this morning! We had an awesome set list: "Sing Sing Sing", "Come Now is the Time to Worship", "Open the Eyes of My Heart", "You're Worthy of my Praise", "Your Name", "Mighty to Save" and "Blessed Be Your Name". We have a new sound system with little ear buds instead of big wedge monitors onstage with us, so that's interesting to get used to. I've never had an iPod or used my iPhone as one, b/c I don't like ear buds; I even bought big headphones (before Netflix could stream through the Wii) to plug into my laptop to watch movies when the kids wanted to watch their shows while we were trapped inside last winter. :-P (PS - super thankful for technology!!!) Anyway, I'm thankful that the new system works and that it didn't feel uncomfortable in my ear or ever make me feel "off". :-)

I'm also so very thankful for harmony. Four-part harmony shoots right into my soul like nothing else on earth...and when I get to share *my* voice as one of those? It's one of the sensations that makes me feel closest to God.

From my d365 devotional:
God of grace and God of glory, as I experience this day with you, I ask that you open my heart, my mind, and my hands to receive all the things that you have in store for me. Amen.

Go now with your eyes wide open,
Watching with excitement to see
What God is doing and will do
Within you and through you this day.


  1. we sang "blessed be your name" and "your name" today as well! "blessed be your name" is one of my favorite worship tunes!!! it always bring everything into perspective for me! yay for harmony and singing!

  2. we opened with Sing Sing Sing today as well. :) and guess what book i found on my mom's bookshelf last week? sarah's key! so now i can read it... :)

  3. You're doing Benny Goodman in church??? (Couldn't resist)

  4. Awww, I kind of feel extra connected that we were all singing together Sunday morning. :-)

    Liz - I can't wait to hear all your thoughts! It's such a fast read, and you KNOW that means something coming from me! :-P

    Mommy - OF COURSE I regaled everyone at rehearsal Wednesday night with part of my old tap recital dance! :-D


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