Under the Design Gun

I stress myself out over our Christmas cards. Since we move so often, staying connected is EXTREMELY important to me; and for those beloveds who aren't addicted to the computer/blogging/Facebook (CRAZY! :-P) I feel like our Christmas card is our one big chance to express our year in a nutshell & keep us connected. This year I'm excited for Shutterfly cards. You can get 50 - yes! 50! that's half our list! - free holiday cards just like I'm doing by blogging about them. Super easy! Just visit their website for more information: http://bit.ly/sfly2010

You can see all the cards they have to offer here, and below, I've posted the choices I need to narrow down to one:

Retro Plaid
I love the touch of green Burberry & multiple pictures, but the color scheme doesn't quite go with the light blue in our family photos.

Nativity Night
I love the nativity on this one!

Snow Angels
The light blue compliments our picture colors, and I love that it almost looks damask-y.

Plaid Bliss
Burberry is one of my FAVORITE THINGS!!!

Joy Sky Story
This may be it - the blue/brown is perfect for us this year!

I feel like I'm under the gun, b/c I just realized I am also DONE WITH OUR 1ST FAMILY DIGITAL SCRAPBOOK!!! :-O Over two whole years of our lives culminated in one book! (I'm "done" only b/c I've reached the max number of pages; I'll be starting our second book immediately, as well.) I can't tell you how excited I am that it's FINALLY printing time!!! The only thing that made me initially nervous about digiscrapping was not being able to physically hold my pages until printing; but that's turned out to be no big deal, since I can share every page here, on FB, & on my Shutterfly share site. Shutterfly is having an AMAZING 30% off photo books deal through Wednesday, so I want to have it finalized (need to design the last page) by then, along with our Christmas card, so I can combine the shipping - which will also be free, b/c Shutterfly also has free shipping on orders over $30 right now! (Code: SHIP30 - Offer ends Nov 17.) The clock is ticking, and I have to get in gear!!!

OH! And I also need to do our annual wall calendar for my Grandmommy! We gave her a digital picture frame several years ago, and I threw in the calendar almost as an afterthought. She totally does not understand that frame at all, but the calendar? She raved & raved and showed all her friends every time they came over! Four years later, it's her standard gift. :-)

I'm so thankful for my family photos, being able to document & preserve our memories, and being able to share them with everyone in our lives! OK - I'm off to get creative, y'all!