Magnolia Morning

Annelise dressed herself this morning:

She looks like a combination of Ouiser Boudreaux about to garden and a lady on Derby Day! :-D ♥

After I took her to school, I needed to pick up some fresh produce. Closest store to her school? The Piggly Wiggly! It makes me smile! (Too bad I didn't need any pork & beans...)


  1. We need to hit up a local Farmers Market! There is one in Albany. Also, Mike's Melon Patch has produce during the year....and of course, boiled peanuts :) YUMMY!

  2. * Mark's Melon Patch...sorry! I was looking at Mike when I typed that, lol.

  3. I *cannot wait* to pick fruit, too! We loooove doing that!

  4. oh, i miss piggly wiggly! beautiful outfit, sissy! she looks like she is reigning queen in her southern charm :-)


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