Political T-Ball

Another great day: Zumba (it was better than last week; still doesn't KILL me like my last class, but no doubt I'm burning something! ;-)), shopped for cookie sheets (does NO ONE make an Air Bake knock off that's not $20??? I *HATE* dark, hard cookies - parchment is my friend), made chocolate chip muffins (a half-batch of the super healthy/crazy easy pumpkin ones!), my kids had a playdate with the sweet new neighbor kids (we worried there were only retired people in our new neighborhood: there are just 9 houses total, and only this one other fam has kids...but they have SIX, bless their hearts!), & Meatslangers barbeque for dinner (LOVE their sweet & creamy potato salad!)

...But then I got exposed to the local t-ball politics. :'( Y'all, I know I've said it before, but the league here is NO JOKE. It is EXTREMELY SERIOUS business. They are grooming major league World Series winners. (The latest? Buster Posey, who won it with the Giants this last year & was the National League Rookie of the Year. He went to Will's school & was groomed in this league. He's not the only one...) ANYWAY, I don't have a problem with the intensity. I actually LOVE it. I say, play to win!!! But you KNOW, in every [esp. volunteer] organization - be it sports, church, the arts, community service, etc. - there's always a few that like to stir the pot. Now I have no idea what's going on, what prompted an apparent sudden board meeting tonight, or really any details at all...other than at the very end of practice tonight, one of the moms whom I've become friends with came over & whispered, "Don't say anything, b/c he doesn't know, yet, but they're removing him as coach." Huh??? Who complained that our coach wasn't doing a good job? And why? I think he's been fine. There have been a few tense moments in the heat of the game, but there have been with EVERY coach I've seen this season. I am SO GLAD that I am *NO* part of the to-do, but I *do* feel sick over others' hurt feelings... I just wanted to burst into tears when we walked over to the huddle right after she told me, where he was telling the kids how well they worked tonight. He apparently has no clue. That kinda sucks, unless he really has made some great offense that I don't know about. And honestly, he may get over it, but his son is on our team, and now his parents will probably pull him off. So what does that do to our boys? How are they going to explain why coach & his son are gone on Monday? I hope that doesn't hurt our kids still on the team. PS - today is coach's son's bday. :'(

Maybe I'm being overly sensitive. "It's just t-ball." But daggummit - my kids get uprooted from their comfort zones constantly, and esp. my super sensitive Will *CLINGS* to people like his teachers & coaches for stability, so that's why THIS IS NOT COOL WITH ME! I don't love this guy as a person all that much - but Will respects him as his coach, and we're winning. Big. Will even called him over to the van as we were buckling up to say, "Thanks, Coach! See you Monday!" Coach told him, again, what a good job he's doing and gave him a few more things to work on this weekend. :'( It made me feel weird to know he won't be around Monday.

Am I being crazy to care this much, when I don't really even know these people? I just want a good experience for Will. Period. And maybe he won't even really care. Maybe it'll be just a blip on the radar to him & he'll embrace whomever shows up Monday...but until I know that for sure, I can't stop churning over this...

Edited to add:
It worked out just fine! :-)


  1. Good thing cocktails are coming tomorrow girl! I am ready to hear about it and vent with you! How sad...my heart hurts for them and you knew how sappy I was at the first game!!!! :(

  2. i love that you said, "bless their hearts!" please use that expression with more regularity in your posts.
    and i love that you said, "bless their hearts" when referring to a family with SIX kids! :)
    and although this post was about negative politics, i love your cheery disposition of late. love that you're living your dream, even though sometimes there are cobwebs to wade through. :)


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