Sectional Personality

My BFF Tina & I were browsing couches last month at IKEA, (while the kids were in Småland - YAY!) Our couches get A TON of wear, and we seem to get new ones about every 5 years. 2001, 2006... Woohoo! On top of a move, yep - it's time. :-) She was talking about getting a sectional, and I'd never actually considered one before...but the more I thought, the more perfect it sounded.

"I have a very sectional personality." ;-) I like everyone all snuggled up together in a big nest. Segregated seating feels cold & cut-off to me. When we have a couch & love seat, one is always completely unused, (except occasionally by the dog.) So why bother? Why not get a sectional, which is more space than a 3-seater couch, that we'll actually use all of, and have it be significantly cheaper than the double set?

Enter our new leather sectional with recliners (JB's request) on either end. (Not from IKEA, though; from Turner's.) I looooove this couch, (and the fact that my whole family is snuggling lazily on it together while I type this. :-))


  1. we just bought a sectional too. i wasn't sure how I would like it, but it is what Matt wanted. of course we have to wait 6-8 weeks b/c I picked a nice suedey brown instead of regular fabric green!

  2. It's b/c you have GREAT taste! :-) Suedey brown sounds dreamy!


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