Stream of Consciousness

I've been feeling very...sporadic this week. Maybe I'm too tired from late t-ball nights to focus on any one thing for very long. And I'm so extremely emotional - I'm crying at the drop of a hat over a song, a memory, a story on TV - esp. re: Japan.

I've been rolling in nostalgia: for whatever reason, I cannot wrap my head around the fact that we were still in Naperville this time last year. Last St. Patty's, the kids & I got Five Guys, a cupcake, & had the best time along the riverwalk. That quite literally feels like 4 or 5 years ago. We've really lived in FOUR homes in the last 12 months: Naperville, NC for a month and a half, Northville for 8 months, & now here. And *don't get me wrong* - I LOVELOVELOVE IT HERE!!!! :-D But there's no doubt that all that change takes a toll...and maybe now that I'm where I want to be, I'm allowing the last few years to finally hit me...even though we won't even be *here* for long, either. (After this short term assignment, they'll probably move us outside ATL. Super yay, b/c we love it there, too; but again, more change. Not thinking about that now, though.) Need to focus on settling here, while we're here - hence the "urgency" in finding a home church, which is also weighing emotionally on me this week. A church home makes my kids feel secure, and I need to give them that gift ASAP.

Another culprit of my hyper-nostalgia is unpacking. We didn't have an office area in our Northville home, and we didn't unpack a lot of stuff in Naperville, so for the first time in years, I'm seeing my yearbooks & my high school memorabilia, which is then amped up to another level, since my sweet hometown girlfriend whom I went to middle & high school with lives here now, too. I am living on Memory Lane lately. :-P

ANYWAY, b/c I feel so all-over-the-place, enjoy my stream of consciousness...

A Few Pet Peeves:

Smokers who light up in front of their children. Disgusting, foul, & crude. There is NOTHING trashier. Period.

People who use bath towels only once before washing them. Why? Did you not just get all clean in the shower? What a waste of laundry time, water, & power.

People who use manners to act superior to & regulate others, instead of using them to make the people around them comfortable. The point of having good manners isn't to regiment life; good manners are supposed to foster hospitality & friendliness. They should put people at ease, not make people feel like they don't measure up.

From Me on FB:

I wanted to kiss Will for finishing 80% of his homework on the bus Tuesday!!! ♥ ♥ ♥ Esp. with a late t-ball game that night!!! ...And then he & Annelise started screaming & fighting over Monopoly. Mommy euphoria zapped to irritation. :-P

I watched Lombardi on HBO - fantastic!!! I know everyone's hyped up on basketball, but my sports heart longs for FOOTBALL, (esp. since I no longer live in the frozen tundra & dread fall!!! ;-))

I finally got to Zumba for the 1st time on Friday since moving. The people were SO sweet & friendly...but the only classes during the hours kids are in school here where you don't have to pay to join a gym or the Y are Zumba Gold (low impact). Not as fun (less detailed choreography) but I guess I'll take what I can get. I kicked it up on my own (a little embarrassing, b/c I didn't want to look like a 1st timer show off! :-P) ...but it was nowhere NEAR as exciting as my last class.

I couldn't figure out what weird noise my swagger wagon was making as I sat with the lift gate up at t-ball practice last week...and then I realized it was the low mooing of the hundred+ cows in the field across the road. :-P

I felt blessed last night: ran into 3 of the cool people I liked from the church we visited Sunday at Target & AGAIN immediately after at Chick-fil-A, so we all ate together. :-) It was really comfortable! We also got free Icedream = BONUS! ;-)

I Suggest:

Groupon! If you haven't yet, click on my link to join Groupon. I've gotten great deals - the local aquarium, coffee shops, kids' amusement park, & today: half off a family membership to a local planetarium/science-history-railroad museum! - and this is just a TINY city! If you join through my link & get a Groupon, I get a bonus, too. So get on it, so we can get deals together!!!

Journey to the Cross! This free online daily devotional is speaking to me so deeply. I cannot recommend enough! (But I do turn off the music. ;-))

Box Score:

The Dixie Yankees finally lost their first t-ball game Tuesday night 17-19. It was a battle of the last two unbeaten teams in the league, but hey - now we don't have the pressure of that first loss looming over us anymore. :-P We can just win all the rest. ;-) We're 4-1, which feels pretty awesome to me!!!

Pilfered Holiday Advice:

My friend Collen (she does hospitality for my 1st/last MOPS group - so creative!) had a great St. Patty's morning FB post: FYI - if you have never had the leprechauns arrive at your house on St. Patrick's Day, you should. The boys are cracking up at green toilets, green milk, green cinnamon rolls, kiwi, and of course, Lucky Charms for breakfast. The green is bringing us lots of luck & the leprechauns are only here one day. Ha, ha, ha - the days of green beer are gone and green milk is in! :-P

Love it!


  1. Love it. So funny we have had a lot of the same feelings this past week and have not even had the chance to talk about them!! This week needs to end and we need to move on to the next!


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