T-Ball Opening Day

Saturday was opening day of our Dixie League T-Ball season! (Yes, I am completely aware of how grateful & lucky we are to live in a place now with weather that lets outdoor practice begin mid-February and games begin first of March! God bless the South! :-D) This is the first league & age group that Will has played in where winning matters. A lot. Not only do they keep score, but they are brutal about outs, and there is no coddling whatsoever. (My sweet friend Jamie couldn't take it when a few of the players struck out, (even on a tee: three foul swings & you're done.)) I am a VERY COMPETITIVE person...and I have to admit, I'm *glad* that he's finally old enough to play competitive sports, b/c I get so into it. :-D We live in a hotbed of baseball fever, so I'm not the only one screaming my head off for little kids...and I love not being the lone cheerleader, anymore, too!!!

Watching Will play sports makes my heart want to burst! (Just like when he's up onstage at church or school!) I am so very grateful that he loves doing these things that I always dreamed I'd get to cheer for as a mom...

And yes, they actually WON!!! So here we come, regular season: 3 games A WEEK into May! Intense in every way, but Will is sooo excited: when I told him his next game was already tomorrow, he shouted with joy, "You've got to be kidding me!" This household loves game time. :-)