Today, Will lost his 3rd tooth (a big front one!), played 3rd base, and won his 3rd t-ball game (another huge win: 20-9!)

The Tooth Fairy LUCKILY is prepared with her magic glitter fairy dust; but Will thinks he should get $1 instead of $.50, "since it's such a big one." OK, I know we have a relatively cheap fairy, :-P but I don't like the idea of slowly creeping up the money scale...

For good measure, here's Princess Pumpkin Peach downtown after lunch today, too:

She is so in love with the turtles around town!


  1. I think we got $.25 or $.50 (can't remember) for each tooth, but a dollar for each of the 2 front teeth, so it's not a big deal to bump it a bit.

  2. I hope I can hold *myself* to $1 for the other front one & then go back down, again. ;-)
    Will spent his dollar today in the Target dollar section on a bug box. :-P


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