Today's Good Stuff

Wisteria in full bloom & everything lusciously green; Southern lunch w/ Jamie - turkey, dressing, creamed corn, broccoli salad, & cornbread; my navy sundress 30% off at Old Navy after waiting several weeks for a big sale, new hand soaps, & new eyeliner for which I've been questing; over 80°F for the foreseeable future; pool guy came & cleaned the pool; relaxing evening  WITH JB :-) at t-ball practice; gas went down 6¢ overnight and 10¢ since last week; "Our God" on the radio = life is awesome!


  1. Wisteria....ahhhh, love it!!! Our lunch rocked and our Saturday will be defined as "Good Stuff" too!! We need some cocktails, sunny breezes, sundresses and some girl time....boys can come too but they need to choose their own topics of "stressors to relief" because we already have a list going.


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