Earth Day & Spring Will

Will's school sent home a sheet on Earth Day last month that included a slip at the bottom to be returned stating what you will do to commemorate the event. Will wrote, "I will research animals," and his was chosen as one of the few from the whole school to be highlighted & sent back out as a suggestion to everyone this month. It seems like a simple little thing, but #1 - it's so cool for him to be singled out of hundreds of kids and #2 - for something that's really *him*. (It wasn't a mommy-influenced & regurgitated answer about picking up trash, recycling, or planting a tree. :-P)

We also got his spring school picture back. (Um, since when do schools take fall AND spring school pics?! I never had that growing up. And while it's nice for Will to get into his new class picture for the 2nd half of this year, it's totally just a ploy by the photo company to make more money! :-D)

We didn't buy any - I just scanned it for posterity - b/c I quite obviously forgot it was "Spring Picture Day" by sending him to school in a warm-up outfit! (*ugh*) School pics = polo shirts, not graphic T's. (Plus, we already have his fall pic that we love.) I'm also not a fan of fake photo cheeseball backgrounds. Hello, Sears. (Not that there's a thing wrong with Sears photos, as long as you go with the neutral backgrounds. Everyone knows it's fake & that you're not really in that faux setting. Barf.) Praying for a neutral background option come fall... :-P

[But he's still soooo cute! ;-)]


  1. yeah, the faux backdrops annoy me as well. very cute pic, by the way, even if he is wearing a warm-up T... i wouldn't have thought it odd, since he loves sports :-) he's such a cutie!

  2. A big reason behind the two photos per year... The school or PTA usually earns a percentage of the sales, so it's really a fundraiser. I don't ever remember this from back in the day either, but this is not uncommon, especially with the budget cuts that have hit most education programs over the past few years. Still a great photo and super Jon for Will.

  3. THANKS!!! :-)
    And I never thought of it as a school fundraiser - understandable (although I'm not chipping in. :-P)


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