Happy 5th Bday, Pie!

Annelise is 5!
We had her party Friday afternoon at Wilder's World - an inflatable jumpy place. We had no idea who would show up, b/c out of 34 kids in her class, we only got RSVPs from 6. Yeah. (Hello! Isn't this the South? And DEEP South at that! Where are those manners? :-P Must be all those international Montessori families. ;-)) Along with our t-ball & neighbor friends, we ended up with 24 kids! SUCH a great turn out!!! I made her a castle cake filled with strawberries:
and after that, everyone could jump as long as they wanted. (It was nice to do the cake first, b/c that way, people could leave as they needed for Friday evening events.) The only flaw was that I only got 9 pictures from the ENTIRE party! :'( And they are all of either the kids at the table or Sis sitting in the bday chair before cake. ZERO family pics. :'( [Yes, we had a GREAT party & that's totally not changed by the lack of documentation; but pics are a big deal to me.]

I also must mention some of her gifts! ♥ I don't want this to come out wrong, but she has gotten some really blah stuff before. :-P I don't care about expensive; I'd rather her get a $1 coloring book about animals or princesses (her passions) from the Dollar Tree than a $20 toy set with lots of little pieces that means nothing to her. I worried since we are relatively new here that maybe her friends hadn't gotten to know her well enough, yet... SO WRONG! I don't ever want to make presents the focus, but I just have to gush a little here!!! One friend gave her the Live Butterfly Garden kit I've almost broken down & bought 5 times at Hobby Lobby! I almost burst when she opened it! She also got a Rapunzel doll & blanket, perfect after her Tangled obsession this winter. Our neighbors got her a hat & sunglasses from Love Letters Monograms & Gifts that are - I kid you not! - the EXACT SAME SET my mom walked around holding in the store for almost an hour before setting them down, intending to come back & get them on Saturday!!! :-D Another sweet friend gave her cash, and we all know how obsessed with money my kids are. :-P She used it on Saturday to get the deal-blessing of the month!!!

Backstory: The guy who created VeggieTales has a new DVD series called What's in the Bible? We got the 1st DVD on special sale before Christmas, and while the title didn't initially excite them, once we put that 1st DVD in, they were IN LOVE! (If any of y'all have seen it, they love running around saying, "Ponies!!!" :-D) And I have to say, I am in love, too! *I* learned so much just listening to it, myself! There are 5 DVDs so far, so Annelise wanted to take her bday money to LifeWay to see if they carried the 2nd DVD in the series. As we opened the door, guess what was staring right at us on the special $5 deal table?!?!?! Thank you, God. :-) She even had enough money to get the 3rd DVD, as well!!! Definitely the icing on the bday present cake!

Her actual birthday was Monday, and I got to come be the special reader in her class. ♥
We also made a HUGE science-fair-project-sized tri-fold poster board timeline with 28 pictures from the last 5 years of her life. They will keep it displayed in her class for the week, so everyone can learn more about her. ♥


  1. Happy belated birthday to your little princess! She is precious!!! I glad y'all had a good party. I think the first year or so after you move you don't know how the turn out will be. The lack of RSVPing drives me NUTS!!!


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