Spring Break Bliss

This week has just been filled with awesome - lots of tiny joys , and even things that made my stomach churn with stress were resolved without full-blown freak outs. ;-)

We drove up to Americus to have lunch with JB twice this week. :-) The pool guy came & got the bottom of our the pool all cleaned out. :-) We got Bonnie's claws clipped at a great, cheap, new place. :-) The weather is splendidly SUMMERY! :-) We went to lunch, the zoo, and the turtle park with our local BFFs here:

Will had to read EVERY.SINGLE "beware of snakes" sign on the path. (There were about 10!)

Hanging with the cheetahs:

I LOVE how close you can get to the animals! The meerkats are barely two arm-lengths away!

Atop a gargantuan turtle park sculpture:

I have baby tomatoes on our back porch!!!

We set Annelise's birthday party (so it doesn't conflict with a classmate's) for Friday, the 22nd. :-) I designed her invitations, had them printed, and passed them out today. YAY!!! LOOOVE how they turned out! (Details blurred for the public blog; the real ones look so crisp!) :

Tonight: pre-anniversary DATE NIGHT! (Since our 9th wedding anniversary is on Wednesday, and our sitter is out-of-town next weekend, we're celebrating early! ;-)) JB's favorite thing is going to the movies, (we went 2 or 3 times *a week* when we were dating!) so I scheduled everything w/o him asking or suggesting. :-) We went to Riverfront Seafood & Steak for dinner - I had a baked potato stuffed with pulled pork barbeque = mmmmm! We saw The Lincoln Lawyer - loved it!


  1. It was a spectacular week if you ask me!!! Maybe hanging out with the kids during the breaks aren't as bad as I thought they were...when you have friends to do things with it makes it a ton easier and so much more fun!!!


  2. Amen to that! I could seriously go like that EVERY.SINGLE.DAY. Soooo much fun to be out & about together like that!!! Beyond thankful y'all are here!


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