School-End Celebrations

Friday was a day of end-of-school celebrations! It was Annelise's last day of pre-k Montessori. (She'll do Montessori Kindergarten there starting in August, as well.) She has been talking up her big year-end show for two solid months; every single day when I picked her up, she'd share the latest rehearsal details. :-) Friday morning was *finally* showtime! Her entire show was in Spanish - very cool. (Her teacher, Ms. Isabel, is from South America, so having a native speaker makes it so easy for them to learn.) I brought her a rose for her performance, and she was so very proud!!!

One of the numbers included maracas! ¡OlĂ©!

With Ms. Isabel:

She brought me over to this planter, b/c *SHE* wanted to pose here for a pic! ♥

Friday afternoon was Will's turn. His last day isn't until this Wednesday, but they had his 1st Grade class party on Friday - an ice cream sundae party!

Mrs. Coley LOVED the plate we made her!

On the wall of his classroom, Mrs. Coley displayed the letters they had all written the day before to their future 2nd grade teachers:
I am so in love with this. He said he wanted to show he has a good attitude so the BEST 2nd grade teacher would want to pick him! :-D