T-Ball Derby

My close friends know I *lovelovelove* Derby Day. I always sport a hat around town, and I'm glued to the coverage for the 3 hours leading up to the race...

But not today. (Even though I did just watch it on DVR - I was cheering for Master of Hounds, as today is Bonnie Blue beagle's NINTH BIRTHDAY!
Animal Kingdom is close enough, though, ;-) and I still stand by Master of Hounds for the next two races, b/c he was closing FAST at the end!!! But holy mackerel, would I have been *LIVID* had I been watching live & had the coverage break like that down the stretch! I would have been screaming at the TV like a banshee! Instead, I screamed my head off b/c...)

Will played his first t-ball tournament today! He was asked if he'd like to play on a special tourney team made up of some of his regular Dixie Yankee teammates and a few players from the Reds & Cubs. OF COURSE, HE DID!!! :-D They play as the Lee County Fire, and today's tournament was allllll. day. long. We were out there from 10:30 AM - 6:45 PM, but we had a ball! It was perfect weather - 85°, sunny, with nice breezes - and when they weren't playing, we all camped out together under two giant tents. The kids played, the adults chatted, we all snacked. We had nothing else on our agenda; all that gorgeous, outdoor family time was dreamy, and I got the perfect amount of sun. (It's so strong here that reapplying SPF 50 twice still gets you a nice brown. ;-))
I just don't have words for how much I LOOOVE going to my kids' events like this. I naturally have a lot of team spirit :-D but when my kids are involved? It's a whole nother level! In one inning of a particularly tough game, we had 2 outs when Will came up to bat = nervous mama! [No one wants their kid to be the 3rd out. :'(] Will batted, got to first base, the other team flubbed the ball, and he kept running! By the time he got to third, they had a handle on it, and he really should have played it safe & stopped...but he took off for home, and the third baseman was chasing him down with the ball as hard as they both could run! Talk about a heart attack moment!!! Instead of being the third out, Will got a home run, and I cheered so hard, I got dizzy. Thank you, God, for letting me be a sports mom!!!!!