Zoo Atlanta

JB had to fly out of ATL for business yesterday, so since we had to drive almost 3 hours up there to drop him off, we thought why not make it happy (no daddy = major tears) & special? We planned to meet up with one of my old BFFs, Lindsay, from when we used to live there (we met doing a musical together; she gave Annelise her only baby shower ♥) & her fam! [I was 7 months pg with Will at her & Brian's wedding, and the last time we saw them in person - when we came back to ATL for my friend Amy's wedding (where Will was the ring bearer ♥) October 2007 - was when she told me she was expecting their daughter, Reagan, who's almost 3 now!]

It was a fab reunion, and the location was the icing on the cake: Zoo Atlanta! [The disco dust on the icing on the cake? WE GOT IN 100% FREE! Go me! ;-)]

"Thank you for the cotton candy, Mr. Brian!" :-D

The pandas were the only animals we'd never seen up close at a zoo before - highlight!

Kangaroo craziness:

Is there ever any doubt that my kids will find EVERY train?
Riding with Brian, Lindsay, & Reagan:

Wheeee! (On a cheetah & manatee carousel ride)

Right before leaving, all hot & exhausted...and really happy to have had such a good time & visit together:

We were just there for 3 hours, but we had such a quality time! The kids and I drove back south in time for Will to get to bed normally for a school night - less than 3 hours - and the final double-coat of disco dust on the trip? I got gas for $3.59. (It's falling, but it was $3.67 here & $3.89 in ATL. I pray that one day I'll reread this post and think, "Whoa! I can't believe that was ever something to be glad for!)


  1. Did you get to see Baby Panda "Po"?!?!? She was so flipping cute!!! I couldn't help but take like 100 pictures of her <3

  2. We *DID*! :-) Very cute - flopped over, halfway upside down, resting. The zookeeper said she'd never seen Po like that before. :-P The dad was really interesting while we were there, though. He could not get enough bamboo to eat!


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