Kindy Kickoff

Today was Annelise's first day of Kindergarten!
[I love how cute she looks with her monogrammed lunch purse!]

Her first day was NO.BIG.DEAL. She's at the same Montessori where she ended last year, so it's nothing new, (for ONCE, right?!?!) [Next year moving to Will's school will be an event.] She looooves school and has been counting down the days until she could go back for the last two weeks. :-) She was pretty irritated that they didn't do any REAL work today; she said they only played and that it was "so boring!" :-P She can't wait to go back w/ supplies tomorrow & demand work! (That's our girl! ;-))

We don't have to buy any supplies for Will; his is the only area school where you just pay a flat $25 supply fee = whew! Sis didn't have a supply list, either...until I picked her up today. ;-) I scored awesome deals, though - $10 total. [I just had to go 3 places to find wide-ruled paper! :-P]

A lot of people (esp. up north, where many don't go back until after Labor Day) keep saying, "WHOA!!! Soooo early!" but Annelise has been out since mid-May. Will & the rest of our county go back Aug. 12th and have been out since May 25th. (Sis is different, b/c hers is private Montessori just across the other county line.) I LOOOVE having the kids get out early, b/c it's already so warm & good to have summer fun here, and then go back early...b/c we are all ready to have a schedule again! I don't know any kid who still wants to be in school in June, (except Annelise, who cries when school is over) and now I am so happy to get back into our groove. Yay for being back in my schedule of choice! :-)

PS - The Steel Magolina-level horror of Friday has slightly subsided. It *DOES* seem to be curling under slightly, which makes the situation much more bearable. My friend Laura in Canada was right: I think those blunt ends were just in shock. (PS - how awesome is it to receive international support?! :-D) My friend Jonnie in IL had another great comment: "God knows when we need a good cry, yours came in the form of a haircut." ♥ My BFF Jackie helped me really deal Friday night, so now *huge sigh* still praying for fast growth and offering her lots of egg salad. ;-)


  1. Susie, isn't Will starting second grade? If you want, send me your address in a FB message and I'll sign and send a Keena Ford book...I can sign it for him or for his teacher/classroom, whichever you want! I'm pretty excited that he's the right age for it!

  2. YES YES YES!!!!! That would be AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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