Tea Time!

My mom just arrived from NC for Will's birthday weekend, and while Annelise has already started school, Will gets to [has to? :-P] hang out with our mother/daughter tag team & be exposed to a little extra girliness, b/c my mom & I don't have that much time together. [Never enough time together!!!] He graciously escorted us to high tea today, b/c I have been dying to try the local tea shop, and my mom is the perfect company, (although, I did spend the first few minutes also pining for Jackie & Tina, my high tea BFFs whom I miss so dearly! *Please visit, so we can go to tea!!!* :-))

[You can take a boy in a pink polo to a tea shop,
but you can't take out the Y chromosome.]

[Tea light-warmed pots, fabulous fare, & even fun marshmallows as garnish on Will's individual sandwich plate!]

[I wore my pink Lilly dress I got at a consignment shop in Charleston!
Lilly + tea = perfection]

It was such a sweet time! The critique: a little pricey for what you get on the full high tea, and the desserts weren't mind-blowing; but the blueberry scone was amazing - buttery, not dry & overly-floured. The sandwiches were lovely: I lovelovelove tomato sandwiches, and I'm really picky about my chicken salad (I like it a bit sweet, no nuts, & no or very minimal celery) and this was good. The teas were delicious! My mom & I both chose rooibos (my favorite kind; I'm not a pure black or green tea fan; my taste buds are hypersensitive to the slightest bitterness. Tannins & I aren't BFFs.) I had Bourbon Street Vanilla Rooibos, which also had amazing hints of honey. Mom had Provence Rooibos, which had such a perfectly pure lavender note w/o being the slightest bit soapy!

So, who's ready to come & go with me next time???

[PS - they also have a pink princess dress-up room for girls' parties! I cannot wait to take Annelise one day soon!!!]


  1. One of my favorite memories with my mom is the few times I went to tea with her, either in Michigan or western NC where they retired (my two sisters would never dream of doing such a thing, sadly). I've been to high tea a few times in the UK when visiting my BFF there. Sigh. I really wish I lived in a country where they did this daily...it's such a nice break in the day, even something simple.


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